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  • T1 - Scholarly Outputs in Health Sciences: Publication Process and Open Access
    Saõ Paulo, Brazil, 13-15 April 2010, Leaflet [PDF 467kB]

    NECOBELAC is pleased to announce the first of a series of training courses on Open Access, to be held in Saõ Paulo in April.

    NECOBELAC is working to support scientific writing and the growth of Open Access to public health information, as a collaboration between Europe and Latin American Caribbean countries. As part of this work, NECOBELAC is offering training courses for trainers - designed to introduce developments in the field to trainers who can spread the information through their own courses in their own countries, communities and institutions.

    The first of these three-day courses is being held in Saõ Paulo on April 13-15 April, 2010.

    Attendance at this three day course is free, with attendees only having to pay their own travel and accomodation costs. There are 30 places on offer, which will be given to the first applicants that contact us. In case of over-subscription, institutions or agencies may be limited to two attendees only.

    The language of the course will be Spanish and Portuguese. For this first event, applications are prioritised from trainers from the following countries: Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay, although applicants from other LAC countries can apply. There will be further events to cover all other LAC countries in the future.

    To apply, please contact necobelac.saopaulo@bireme.org If a phone number is required, this is: 55 11 5576-9872

    Deadline for application is February 28

    Please state your name, role, institution/agency and confirming that you intend to cascade the course information onwards in support of scientific writing and the growth of Open Access to public health information.


    Introduce the aims of the NECOBELAC project:

    • create awareness in scientific writing and open access publication model and foster cooperation between LAC countries and Europe;
    • explain the use of conceptual maps for training;
    • point out cultural differences, receive feedback from participants who will be future local trainers.


    Representatives of selected institutions in LAC countries, who will be future trainers according to the NECOBELAC strategy.

    The course is addressed to people who are already aware of the issues at stake, so discussion/feedback from participants will be an important part of the program.


    Spanish, Portuguese


    NECOBELAC partners:

    • Carlos Agudelo (ISP)
    • Paola De Castro (ISS)
    • Reme Melero (CSIC)
    • Abel Packer (Bireme)
    • Eloy Rodrigues (UMINHO)


    Maximum 30


    Continuous feedback during the course and questionnaire

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